Niche – 3 years in the making… and Model-thon hugs!!

Brooke – thank you for the Model-thon day! It really enhanced my conviction that I need to to do this work and get out there to find people I can help. I loved meeting everyone and am including my information for my pal Yvonne to find me if she sees this – we didn’t get a chance to exchange info… [email protected]

About my niche for this year… Busy executive moms, 45 – 60, wanting to lose 20-40 pounds, who want to wear the cool clothes they used to, and feel like their bodies are letting them down – menopause, injuries (!), everyone else’s needs coming first… they have done weight watchers a couple times in the past and used to go to group exercise classes, and/or were runners. Is this a viable group?

It would be a 7 week program based on the chakras, how our body works, how our minds work…. with weekly lesson videos, 1/week personal 1-1 coaching call, and 1/week recorded group coaching (any client can join this and see recording) .
Bonus – video workouts 5 min, 10 min and 20 minutes to choose throughout the week
– book with homework and lesson plans outlined for whole program – kinda like your monthly books…

I’m a bit concerned that this group isn’t “feeling the pain” enough… or another idea I had was for Mother-of-the-bride or Mother-of-the-groom…. but that screams of quick fix for me….
thank you all so much!