I’m refining my niche to follow your advise on being as specific as possible:
I want to coach 1st time mums, in their 30s, who are going back to work after and are struggling to feel good in their career/work and life with all the changes that happened in the past 1 to 2 years for them. It is a transition phase. There are lot of tools to help during pregnancy, birth and the 1st few months of motherhood but nothing after! As if everything goes back to normal but the real struggle start once they are going back to work!

My questions:
– Is it specific enough?

If not I’m hesitant to narrow it down to:
– As I’m carrer driven and know those challenges well, should I focus on career driven women?
– As I’m french and I’m leaving in Australia, should I coach French women only?

Thanks a lot for your thoughts.