Hi! I’m figuring out my niche as a life coach.

I boiled it down to men between 30 and 40 years old that want to become life coaches and want to stop playing League of Legends. (I selected this age range because I’m 27 and would relate more to people under 40 years old and also because I figured that people under 30 years old might not have the kind of money to pay for my coaching.)

I use to be addicted to the video game called League of Legends and succeeded at stopping completely.
I was also stuck in the ”wanna be land” of life coaching. I am currently coaching for free and intend to target this niche with Facebook ads and offer discovery calls to sign them for a year of coaching at 1 500$/per month.

So my questions are:
1- As you are looking at my strategy, Is there something you see worth adjusting or questioning?
2-Is it relevant to talk about the game League of Legends specifically, or should I target video games as a whole?

Thank you so much!