Hi Brooke,

Suggestions on how to make this stronger, tighter and more valuable?

I help women aged 30-45 that are consistently unhappy because they can’t make peace with an issue from their past. It could be from their childhood or something more recent.
The women that I work with have the same challenges come up over and over in their present lives because they are still living in the past. They have the same anger, sadness or frustrations repeat over and over with “fill in the blank” (their romantic partners/dating, or their parents, or in their friendships/ coworkers etc) and it keeps them stuck in a life they are unhappy with. Many of them have tried other methods to gain relief such a counseling or self help books, but it didn’t “fix” the past.
My client doesnt see how their thoughts about the past are dictating their present and their future. All they can focus on is that they were hurt, screwed over, taken advantage of, damaged, etc (their words) and it’s holding them back from living their happiest lives.

What type of freebie would you suggest for these potential clients?

Thanks Brooke, I appreciate you so very much.