Niche Adjectives

Hi, I have seen some of the feedback on other people’s niche questions as I was reading through before posting this. For example someone used “restless” and the comment back was to refine the definition so the target audience would know she was talking specifically to them. I have 5 paying clients focusing on weight loss and narrowing my niche and going to start running ads. I start LCS certification in a week so haven’t been through entrepreneur track yet. Would love some feedback on my niche now narrowed….I help ambitious corporate women stop stress eating. The opt in is 3 simple steps to stop stress eating. My question is around “ambitious corporate”…it seems obvious to me but would love another perspective and should I refine that further?

As I am writing this, I am asking myself why am I questioning this I truly thought it was obvious to me. I have some fear I don’t know what I am doing and I am going to “miss out” by narrowing down. Interesting. Would appreciate any feedback or questions I could ask myself as part of my self coaching.