Niche Ah-Ha!

Finally had my “ah-ha” about niches (Thank Goodness!) So — I picked a niche I really, really like – but honestly, my mind has continued to say “That’s step #1, but ultimately you’ll brand yourself as a ‘Life Coach’ and you’ll be able to coach everyone.” Since then, I’ve told a few people about being a “Life Coach” – and their follow-up question is usually “What’s that?” or “What does a life coach do?” Often, when we’re in drinking situations – like our New Year’s Eve Pub Crawl with friends – my partner prompts me to share that I’m a life coach “specializing in helping guys take a break from drinking.” (He’s been enjoying the responses we get)

But just recently – it hit me. Being a “Life Coach” is really only valuable to my own brain. I know what that means in MY head – and my brain is all excited about that – “Yay, I’m a life coach”. But actual human beings with money who have problems they want solved do NOT search for “life coaches”. There’s no “OMG! My entire life, from A to Z, is on fire. Time to find a life coach.” (Heck, when “I” went to find a Life Coach a number of years ago – I had to search quite a long time for one who focused on gay entrepreneurs. If SOMEONE had just said … “I Coach Gay Entrepreneurs” – THAT would have been SO much easier!)

If someone says they’re a teacher, you might ask “What do you teach?” If someone says they’re a doctor, you might ask “What kind of medicine do you practice?” If someone says they’re a lawyer, you might ask “What kind of law do you practice?” These people specialize – because different people NEED different types of help. But somehow – I thought I could just get away with … “I coach all 7 billion humans about LIFE!” and that would be acceptable.

Now I’m realizing that the real value for people who need help IS my willingness to specialize. What’s MY specialty? Because “Life Coach” is exciting for me – but it doesn’t say anything to the guy trying to take a break from wine or the entrepreneur trying to lose weight or the female attorney trying to find a solid relationship. I remember when I was looking for a “Therapist” a number of years ago – I didn’t just go “Anyone will do”… I wanted someone who would get ME and MY issue – which took a lot of research, because it seems that many therapists are like Life Coaches. “We handle EVERYONE with EVERY problem!”

It finally just clicked … I need to specialize because people have very specific problems they want solved – and the more I say “I solve this problem for these people”, the more business I’ll get from THOSE people. And if I want to solve Problem #2, I can. Or Problem #3. Or if some of my stop overdrinking clients want additional help in different areas, that’s cool, too. But I just realized that stubbornly focusing on being a “I Serve the Entire World” Life Coach is only beneficial for my own ego – and doesn’t serve other humans who need very specific help – and it certain doesn’t help build a growing, thriving business. So from now on, it’s specialization for me!

It just finally clicked – so I thought I’d share. 🙂