Niche and conflicting thoughts

Hi. I have had the idea for a couple of years now to offer website (and graphic) design and maintenance for coaches. That’s my niche. I would also want to work with other people who work to raise consciousness in the world (meditation teachers, yoga instructors, etc) but my focus for marketing purposes would be coaches. Is that specific enough?

Secondly, I am having conflicting thoughts about whether I even want to do this. I think I am just afraid. I go back and forth and into confusion about whether I want to do this. When I do think about it, I get excited. I think coaching is one of the most important things anyone can invest in and when I think about helping get this work out to the world, I feel inspired and motivated. When I think about my abilities, I feel a ton of doubt and insecurities. And then I think maybe I shouldn’t do this.

I also want to become a coach to designers and apply thought work and telling stories to design. Designers need to know this work and that design is not just about making things look pretty but it’s about communicating in a way that is clear and is focused on their clients problems and solving them and that comes from a clear mind and clear thinking. When I think about this, I feel inspired. I’d also teach them the skills to get shit done, particularly working from home, which so many designers do. (I am still working on these skills myself)

I think the work I need to do is how I am thinking about my own abilities and skills and then being willing to lean into the fear. Thoughts?