niche and offer advice

I would like your advice please. I am starting my own business and I am organizing philosophy workshops for kids. First, I started targeting all kids from 8 to 12 years old and then I realized the parents don’t see the value of it in general. So I decided to narrow my niche after watching Brooke’s videos:)

So here is my niche: parents that have kids (8 to 12 years old) gifted with higher intelligence.

I want in the long run to offer:
– philosophy workshops for these kids
– workshops for parents
– other workshops and advice for their kids

1 – What do you think of my niche? Is it narrow enough?

2- Is it okay to still target other kids that might be interested in my workshops? With my main focus, selling to gifted kids?

3- Should I specify it in my website? If not specified, I can let it be open to other parents while targeting parents with gifted kids directly or on social media for example?

4- I want to make a monthly subscription for my services that will enlarge my offer to kids and parents. Can I in the meantime, put a price on every service?

5- Should I focus only on philosophy workshops in the beginning and then enlarge? Or offer all my services at once (as I am starting)?

What do you advise?

Thank you for your help.