Niche and Offer

I’m working on my niche and my offer; I’ve had some one-on-one coaching in scholars on it but would like some more feedback and perspective. I’m participating in the Double Your Business program and am starting at $0, so my minimum goal is to make $10,000 before the end of the year.

This is the most narrow I have been on my Niche:
Professional Women age 40-65 working in Fortune 1000 companies with expendable income who have processed through their initial grief around not being able to have children and have decided not to adopt or foster, and who are tired of the bullshit thoughts they have around it
Question: Is this skinnied down enough? Do I need to be even more focused? Specific?

Offers – I have a few offers and would like to have your critique
1. I teach you how to give up the BS thinking around not having children by opening up your mind to the spectacular life you’ve been given!
Question: Is this offer specific enough? I know I have to put it out there to know if it’s going to work, but want to know how you respond to the offer.

They’ll be able to:
-Look forward to the holidays even when there are kids around
-Enjoy your friends social media posts about their kids first day of school, sports, etc
-Be excited to go home even if there isn’t anybody there to greet you
-Attend baby showers without dread
-Start planning for the next major vacation with yourself in mind
– and so many other things

Thanks for any help you can give me