niche and starting business

I am in the certification program and recently came up with an idea for a niche. I would like to work with women who want to exercise regularly, and have tried to in the past, but have not been successful. I not only want to coach them, but also want to create individualized exercise programs for them. I would spend time leading them through the workout. I want to transform their minds about exercise and being active, which will change their habits and bodies. I am not sure what to call myself or how to market myself.

I am not specifically focusing on weight loss, but on being healthier by exercising regularly. Should I call myself an exercise coach, a fitness coach, a personal trainer coach, a healthy lifestyle coach? I have done some research online, and it seems like there is no clear title or established profession for what I am wanting to do.

I have worked on the “narrowing your niche” worksheet, but have some questions. Is my niche narrow enough, or do I need to add an age range, or specifically target moms, instead of women? I don’t really understand the question of whether I have two defining words to submarket my niche. Exercise and women? I am also trying to decide whether to get my personal training certification. I think this would give me more training and information, which would allow me to provide an exceptional program to my clients.

I have my group fitness and cycling certifications and have taught exercise classes for several years, but I think that’s a different skill set from personal training. But, I don’t want to be creating mind drama by telling myself I need more certifications to be successful. So, I’m undecided on whether to get my personal training certification. Could you offer advice on that? Thanks so much!