Niche and Target Market

I have printed out the Niche Worksheet, ticked the Health box but then I am stuck.

My husband and I run a virtual health and performance coaching company. We have middle aged men and women come to us because they struggle with energy levels, an increasing waist and self image issues. They are confused by what to eat and most of the time they have tried lots of diets/training programs that haven’t worked in the past.

Below is what their answers indicate in the questionnaire they fill out before working with us. We do 1:1 coaching with access to e-books, worksheets etc. Any advice would be so much appreciated.

Pain Points
Processed food Cravings – sugar, processed carbs (pasta, bread)
Anxiety/ Depression
Unwanted Weight Gain
Low Energy Levels
Joint muscle aches and pains
Work related stress
Menopause symptoms