Niche and where to find clients

Hi Brooke and all the coaches,

I’d like to have a feedback on my niche: I want to help women who suffered from obesity, tried tons of diets and finally decided to get a bariatric surgery (gastric bypass or sleeve). They lost a lot of weight, But after several years they regained some (more than 20 pounds). They are smart, educated, but desperate and ashamed of the situation and want to loose their extra weight permanently.
Do you think my niche is narrow enough ?

I’m on the waiting list for 2019, but I started to work on my business (website, blog, program…) and I want to coach my first 10 clients for free. But I don’t know how to find them, since the Bariatric surgery groups on FB seem to be for people before their operation. Do you think I need to run FB ads to find them?

I’m so glad I found SCS.
Thank you so much for your help.