Niche around accent reduction coaching/results ahead of time.

I’m a Speech Pathologist currently developing a niche around foreign accent reduction. My idea is around coaching Indian women (could be living here or in India) who own spiritually-based businesses. I am wondering if this too narrow? My training could help anyone with an accent, however I am drawn to the Indian accent because I know it well. My husband is Indian and I know and appreciate the culture. Spirituality is a very important part of my life and I have training in Spiritual Psychology. I enjoy the idea of working with people who are “on the same page.” I also know many of the mindset struggles faced by many Indian women, i.e. not feeling good enough, being told worth and value come from attaining external things, pressure to succeed, etc. What I can promise to them is clearer speech (not complete elimination of their accent) and the confidence to speak in personal and professional setting.
Here are my questions:
-Is this too narrow?
-Could I include men and women, or is it better to stick with just women?
-I have two ideas I am throwing around for business name: Clear, Confident Speech (which I see as the result they will get) or Optimal Accent. Not sure if I need the word accent in the business name.
-I love the idea of creating results ahead of time, but not sure exactly how to do that yet. Learning to optimize your accent requires technicalities that require one-on-one training. I love the idea of teaching the mindset piece around what it means to communicate confidently and clearly, i.e. it’s not your accent, it’s your thoughts about your accent.
-Are there any other handouts that you can direct me to in defining my ideal client ?

Thank you in advance for all your help!