Niche-based photography

I’ve been an entrepreneur for a long time, but only with mediocre success. I ended up learning photography to use for one of my restaurants and loved it so much, and have gotten pretty good at it, I started doing commercial gigs for other businesses.

I’m at a loss with how to package what I do and live in a small town in Canada, so my reach of clients geographically, that are willing and able to pay for my services are limited.

I’ve toyed with the idea of clients mailing in products and producing them with images required for their websites or social media from my studio, but have only been able to generate one client in the past year that’s remote. (I’ve basically exhausted the local market) I get hung up on a few things,

• How fleeting social media is and is there any longevity in focusing my business model on that?
• In the business model module, I’m breaking down what I can sell and would love to aim for 20×1250 packages each quarter, but don’t know who will buy this.

I know I’m indulging in confusion here, but I also want to move forward believing it’s possible and see it all the way through so I want to be sure I really believe in what I’m doing.

I guess ultimately is when do you just move forward with your idea and when do you scrap it? I want to use my photography to help other entrepreneurs succeed and that can look present itself in many different ways.