Niche/business focus

I’m am looking for insight/direction on my niche/focus for service offering.

Some of “my story” is…..
A mom of (2) grown children (25) & 22). Both living on own. Not an overeater or overdrinker although I would like to take off 10 lbs. and sugar could be an area of “challenge”.

I had a successful career (sales/new business development) before kids for 11 years in business/corporate America with no passion but financially important for independence and support of self. After much soul searching and research for work of value/purpose I Left to start own business in Senior Care as a licensed in home care agency. Grew business from start up to 30+ clients and caregivers/employees, profitable business over 3 years.

Sold business 7/2017. In this business, I was instrumental in helping others, seniors, families and caregivers by providing in home care and resources to make a difference in the lives of others. It was VERY demanding, stressful both psychologically, emotionally and physically. This business also had Increased regulations (CA), high costs and low margins. Although my help was of great value and worth to others. My health and well being suffered. The last 20 months I have been rebuilding my health, balance and well being while giving myself grace to find how I can serve, share my gifts, help others and give back differently with passion and purpose. Looking to clarify purpose and bring it into greater alignment with working life. I am currently 1 month into 7 months of a god centered counselor training at my Christian Church. This is a volunteer program to help church counselee’s if wanted and chosen after completion of training. I would like to incorporate some of this training into my service offering.

Coaching has been of strong interest the last 2 years. I became certified through another program in 2017. I just joined SCS this month. I am ready now to get myself to the place I can provide coaching services to others and have business in place to do it.

Thank you for this opportunity and any assistance/ insight you may be able to provide.

P.S. Wasn’t sure if this was a question for the business section or not??