Niche Clarification

LOVE my niche! I am the first ever ‘Turning 30 Coach’ helping women to feel better about turning 30. Would like to know if this niche is narrow enough with the specific problem I am solving. When I completed the worksheet it did feel a little flowery in comparison to the examples.

I could add another layer to my submarket, have included a few examples below of options- however to me the original submarket feels right. The one thing that feels a bit off is the problem I am solving isn’t very tangible/measurable by way of progress once completing my program.

Thank you for your feedback!

Does your problem fit into one of these broad categories?

Relationship with yourself

Have you narrowed it down to a submarket within the larger market?

1) Women 2) Turning 30 3) who feel stuck in their lives and want to make a change


Women who are turning 30 who want to improve their relationship with themselves.

(Single) women who are turning 30 who feel powerless to set new goals and make progress.

(Single) women who are turning 30 who want to feel better about growing up.

Google Search:

Feel better about turning 30

Freaking out about turning 30


Finding love at 30

Changing a career at 30.

What is your solution to their problem and why is it compelling?

I teach you how to improve your relationship with yourself at 30 so you can feel empowered to set new goals.

Instagram Bio: I help women turning 30 to go from feeling lost and unfulfilled to empowered and excited.

Compelling: Most women turning 30 attribute their unhappiness at this time to a feeling of being left behind and of ‘lack’ due to circumstances i.e. being single/not married, in a career they don’t like, financially struggling, no kids etc. My program is designed to stop looking on the outside for approval and to work on changing your mindset to improve your relationship with yourself so you can take massive action.