Niche Clarification – Approval Addiction

Answers from the worksheet:
I want to help work from home moms end their approval addictions, and finally create freedom and joy in their lives.

They would google it by asking:
How can I stop needing other people’s approval?
How can I be more confident?
How to stop caring what other people think.
How to stop being a people pleaser.

My offer:
I teach you how to end the stress, overwhelm and frustration from caring what other people think, so you can live the emotionally healthy life you crave and make decisions you want to, without the guilt.

My positioning:
I am The Approval Addiction Coach.

Question: I keep thinking that “stressed-out, work from home, approval addict moms” isn’t specific enough, since they don’t exactly have a hang out. I really want to coach women into trusting themselves, stop the people pleasing- approval addiction cycles and create freedom, peace and joy in their lives. I don’t know that I’ve niched-down enough though. I think I’m missing something. I also noticed that I want someone successful to tell me either, “it’s a perfect niche” or “pick a new one.”

C: Niche
T: I’m missing something
F: Uneasy
A: Don’t trust myself. Look to others who I consider successful to give me their answers for me to follow. I look for other’s approval to feel more confident. My brain finds all the ways I’m deficient on my own, and need answers outside myself.
R: I miss my inner guidance.

C: Niche
T: Successful coaches told me I’ve got a great niche
F: Confident
A: Boldly say who I am. Talk more about it. Look for all the ways it’s a great niche.
R: I create a great niche through dedication, commitment and confidence.

So I get to decide this already, without someone guiding me through it. I get to think I’ve got an awesome niche and work hard and make adjustments as necessary. I would still love someone’s input on my niche, offer and positioning, and anywhere else I’ve got blind spots here.