Niche Clarity 2

I help strong female entrepreneurs, ages 25-45, to be secure in their marriage, stop asking if their husband loves them, stop worrying if they married the wrong person and start loving married life.

I have been asking my probono clients what their biggest issues are and this is what I hear.

Is it painful enough to pay for help?
Do I need to get more specific?

*Part 1 (following up in this)
I help alpha female entrepreneurs, ages 25-40, that live in the Midwest to be happy in their marriage by teaching them to stop killing their marriage with control, let down their guard and become best friends with their hubby.

I am not sure how I feel about the word alpha. I like strong and independent too.

Is this niche clear enough?

Say more about their problem – why they’re unhappy – in the words they would use.

You want to use the word they would use – would they describe themselves as alpha, or strong and independent?