Niche Clarity and Pain Point

Hello, I am looking to get advice on the clarity of my niche. Is this specific? Am I getting across the pain point?

I work with women, ages 27-45, who have athletic husbands and fear their husband will leave them because they are overweight. I help them to lose the weight, feel confident in their marriage and stop feeling jealous of other fit women that interact with their husbands.

Some of the pain they have:
Thinking that husband is speaking to other women and thinking they find other girls attractive.
On the crazy train with stalking their husbands social media and text messages to see who they are talking to.
Feel that if they just lost the weight they would feel more confident but never seem to be able to follow through.
Feeling bad about themselves and lacking in self-care, staying in yoga pants or PJ’s, not brushing hair and feeling gross about themselves.
Isn’t supportive of husbands goals because they fear they will achieve them and leave the marriage.