Niche Clarity, (used worksheet)

I feel really passionate about helping people organize their space. Recently I mingled with the idea of professional organizing and life coaching. I signed on a paying client and LOVE working with her.

Now to market to more of “her”.

I want to work with teachers or entrepreneurs. (or both)

I work side-by-side with private school/college level teachers (or entrepreneurs), that are overwhelmed, spending more time on “urgent” matters, and feel like they have let people down. They live life feeling out of control and in fear they will lose their job (or clients). They love what they do but have failed at every attempt to organize and create systems. They tell themselves that it is impossible to organize and wake up feeling chaotic, always running late or making it just in time only to sit down and not know where to start in the class (or day). They fear that parents question their ability to teach their kids (students for college level) and have thoughts of not being good enough which spirals them into depression. (For entrepreneurs, they fear their clients will think they don’t know what they are doing)

They google “how to be more organized” and get excited while consuming all the great information out there only to leave feeling overwhelmed with the massive amount of information. They take notes on the information only to forget where the notes are and end up not taking any action at all.

I will teach them how to take control of their mess, make organizing systematic and bring back the joy of entering a classroom (or day) refreshed and prepared so they can do what they love, teach (connect with clients and provide value to people).

1) Do I have to pick either teachers or entrepreneurs for marketing purposes? Or, could I do both?
2) Am I clear enough?

Thank you <3