Niche Coaching Part 2


So my original questions were entitled Niche Coaching. Thank you so much for that coaching. It was helpful.
I do have some more questions/things I want to be super clear on so I can continue to coach myself on my niche.

I feel like I am at the point of my niche right now that I am going to do it anyway, say I work with women who people please their parents, even though I know it will be offensive to my parents and probably others.

How can I be a good person who is willing to be offensive? Willing to do my niche even if it will offend my parents and potentially hurt them? Willing to do my niche even though I think I am offending my parents? I think that is the coaching I need help with. I see how not doing is offending myself, but I cannot shake the belief that it will be offensive to them. I know that my actions and words don’t control their thoughts and feelings.

But then it brings to the idea that what if everyone had no concern for others and just said what they wanted and did what they wanted without standards, while they knew they were being offensive. Like when people say things that are on purpose mean, raciest, sexiest etc. I see how you can say those things are just neutral and we have a collective thought about them. But I really want to understand this concept.

But I am also stuck in the thought that if we just do offensive things anyway then our world would be the pits… how to you reconcile this idea with people taking responsibility for their actions and words?

I am worried that this idea that its ok to be offensive means that I will essentially be saying is that it is ok that I know this can hurt you and I am just going to do it anyway because I have a different opinion and I don’t care.

I feel like that is what I am doing with my niche in some ways. I know my parents will feel offended and now I just care about myself more than them because I don’t want to offend myself so I am willing to risk offending them?