Niche coaching

Two part question.

1. I need some feedback and coaching on the wording of my niche.
2. Coaching on all the drama I have committing to it.

I want to coach millennial women on people pleasing. I am trying to get it more specific so I choose the category of parents… millennial women who people please their parents.

I know that the problem they have is that they feel like…
-they can’t fully live their own life because of their parents opinions…
-they are stuck in doubt and confusion a lot because of their parents opinions
-they are not themselves around their parents.
-they lie to their parents when they are afraid of how they will react or think
-they want to have a relationship with their parents on their own terms but have no idea how that could even be possible
-they aren’t sure who they really are and if what they are doing is really them because of strong parental influence
-they are afraid of saying no.
-when they do say no they feel loads of guilt and shame.
-they also feel ashamed they are not themselves
-lots of cognitive dissonance with feelings in general

Ways of wording this could be…

I coach professional millennial women how to stay No to their parents so they can live their life without the shame, guilt and fear.
I coach professional millennial women how to be themselves and live the life they want without fear, guilt and shame despite their parents opinions
I coach professional millennial women how to stop people pleasing their parents.
I coach professional millennial women how to live their life without people pleasing their parents.

I am in the pool with them because this was my story. I am still working on it, which is why I am having a hard time committing to this niche. I feel like I am offending my parents with this niche. I feel like I am taking a dig at them. I am really scared about hurting their feelings with my niche. I want to help other women who are stuck people pleasing their parents, but I also don’t want to offend my parents or do something that is mean.

I know you are going to say well your parents can choose how they see it. They could think this is not offensive at all. But honestly I know my parents and I know they will be offended. Including them (by saying parents) in my niche and marketing I feel is offensive. I want to be a life coach. I want to help people. But I don’t want to make my relationship with my parents worse by having a niche that directly targets them. Like I would feel terrified, awful and ashamed to say this niche to their faces if they ask.

I see also the irony that I am people pleasing right now too. HELP!

C- Niche
T- This niche is offensive to my parents.
F- Bad
A-spin out, ruminate on niche, mind drama to the max, don’t commit to a niche, try to get out of doing entre track, not move on to offer or anything else
R- I don’t have a niche
My current model is