Niche Down Further?

I took some previous feedback and trying to really hone in on my niche. My target woman is the busy overwhelmed woman — more specifically, the working mom who is lost and feels stuck. They are motivated one minute and lose it just as quickly. They are spinning their wheels, not operating at full capacity for anything in their life and not accomplishing their goals. Basically keeping their head above water. Not a bad life but want it to be better. I want to help them organize their thoughts and their mind so they can start to achieve goals and feel unstuck. May I please have your opinion/feedback on the below.

“I help working moms who have lost themselves in overwhelm achieve a healthy work/life (or whole life?) balance in order to start accomplishing their goals and attracting success by using transformational strategies and techniques”

For this type of niche, would it be best to call myself a Life Coach, Personal Development Coach or Transformational Life Coach? I’ve seen this written online but not sure if I would fall in this category.

Do you recommend if I only want to serve women that I put ‘women’ in my title when I refer to myself? I want to ultimately empower and help women ‘transform’ and shift their mindsets in all aspects of their lives. Thank you!!