Niche Drama – 2 years later

I have been in niche drama for too long. I began as a blogger with a site called Living Out Goals. I loved talking about goal attainment, minimalism, and money.
When I went through coach training I thought to coach women who are overworked and at the point of burnout. However, I have never fully committed to this niche. I always revert to talking about the goal attainment process (partly because of the business name). But after two years of this, I feel this is too broad and doesn’t allow me to target my marketing efforts.
Is there a way to keep the goal attainment niche and make it more narrow?
Or should I focus on educators and healthcare professionals who are on the verge of burnout and seeking to transition in their careers? I guess I don’t like helping people with the part where they are looking for a job. I just want to focus on them not overworking and realizing that they have more control of their time than they think they do.
Please advise. Thank you.