Niche drama

Right now I have been marketing my coaching as: I help insecure people become brave. I talk about overcoming people pleasing, fear of failure, imposter syndrome. But then I thought, that isn’t really a niche like Brooke has been teaching. Maybe I need to narrow. So on Monday I changed to “I help outsiders & underdogs become truly confident.” And I do this by teaching bravery. I started talking about my coaching program as “Triple your confidence in 3 months, guaranteed. Or your money back.”
I know it has only been one week so I really have no way of measuring this as a good niche or not. I’ve only really made one offer. But my mind is spinning in doubt. I am thinking that really is still not a niche. I have a thought that there is supposed to be a physical result that I am helping people achieve. Something measurable out in the world. I have had a couple friends come to me wanting to start businesses. And after a few conversations (not even official coaching) both of them started their business and took off. I loved coaching them, even though it was free. I realize I actually really like working with entrepreneurs.

When I looked at Brooke’s worksheet above for narrowing a niche, I am not sure if “building true confidence” fits into any of the categories. Does it fit in health? Like mental health? Or am I just fudging the system lol.

If I need to pick a new niche, then I would totally choose: I help LGBTQIA+ Entrepreneurs make their first $10k. And I do this by helping them become brave, overcome fear of failure so they can just start (that needs a little polishing).
I feel totally confident I can help any business owner make their first $10k. I know it’s something I wish someone had taught me.

I think my two biggest fears about changing to this niche are:
#1: do I actually have anyone following me on social media or in real life who is an LGBTQIA+ Entrepreneur?
AND #2: will I miss out on helping people who I really want to help?