Niche drama

I am a new nutrition and wellness coach. I am transitioning from a career as a professional geoscientist. I have a group nutrition coaching program I just launched at the beginning of January, and I have also coached one 1-on-1 client. I would like to do nutrition and wellness coaching full time, and am working on building my website, and brainstorming my offers.

My main issue right now is choosing my niche. It’s so broad right now: women who want to lose weight, gain confidence, and find food freedom. My ideas to narrow it down have been: a nutrition coach for female professional engineers, geoscientists and technicians, but it just feels a bit stiff to me. My other idea was taking a more spiritual spin, so offering nutrition coaching to soul sisters, but this seems a bit saturated… I’m looking for a bit of guidance if you can help! Thank you!