Niche Drama

Hi Coaches!

I am currently in CCP right now and have finally arrived in a place where I feel ready and eager to choose my niche so that I can start creating and contributing.

Last week I feel like I made some major headway in choosing my niche and started writing some good content for my website but by the end of the week my brain was offering me thoughts that were leading me to change my niche and questioning if I am really an expert in the initial niche I had nailed down.

So for the past week I have gone back and forth between these two and it is kind of driving my nuts. On one hand I really want to choose and not stay in confusion or indecision, on the other hand I keep reminding myself during this whole process that I should walk and not run which is also leaving me confused! Ha! and Ah!!!

So I started putting together a model with the result being that I have chosen my niche but not sure how helpful it feels and not sure if I am creating a clear enough model and pretty unclear about the thought..

Can you assist please?

C: Niche
T: You know which niche is perfect for you/You are the perfect coach for this niche
F: Clarity
A: Having my own back, trusting in the process, Keep working and not stopping just because I am confused, not looking outside ( at other people websites and social) doing models every day, calming myself, believing that this whole process IS the journey to creating my biz and not a bump in the road, internalizing that whatever decision I make it going to be perfect and successful
R: Choosing my niche and sticking with it!

Thank you for any help you can offer!