Niche Drama -Again

I did my website and I’ve been growing my fb group organically and I have clients that I have been serving for a few weeks. They aren’t paid clients with money but with their time. I’ve helped them get results and I love what I’m doing. But I set into some serious imposter syndrome. A woman in my facebook group was asking me questions and then she posted the following in another fb group within a matter of minutes of talking to me.

Her post is my C. (Sorry for the length.)
C: As an entrepreneur who has been in this space for 6 years and have invested high 5 figures in Business Coaches and ones who claim to bring you into 6 Figures some with guarantees. Please be cautious if you are looking for Business Coaches and Strategists. Do your due diligence and ASK for client testimonials and clients you can actually talk to for their experience with this coach. I have failed to do this on a couple of occasions and while I learned from each experience I want to save you some financial burden. A lot of things I have figured out on my own through testing and trial and error. Copy and AD writing are key. Everything else is just consistency.

T: I’m a business coach, she is talking about me (although I never promised anyone 6 figures, that’s not my niche)

F: sick (like i want to vomit and my heart is heavy pit in the stomach type sick)

A: Stopped working on my business, read her post over and over again, assumed she was writing about me, wanted to immediately change my marketing copy, didn’t hit publish on my new website, went into doubt, shame, imposter syndrome, tried to remind myself of all the yoga teachers/health coaches I have helped in their businesses thus far. Questioned my ability to grow as a coach

R: I feel ashamed.

I don’t even know what my question is. I’m allowing this feeling of “sick” but now it feels like waves of shame and doubt.