Niche Drama UEL

I’m signed up to get certified this month – yay!
I went into it with my heart leading in the niche I wanted to specifically help. People like me and in my specific career choice to overcome imposter syndrome – which is what I’ve worked hard at over the past year of coaching.

Now that I’m looking at this from a business perspective, I’m deciding to change my niche to something more broad because I think they will have more money to spend. I also think that being too close to my niche will create more mind drama for me and cause other types of problems at work.

I mostly want coaching on this second part. I am okay with picking my new niche for business purposes, but think my personal growth would benefit from dealing with the drama of being too close to my work. I don’t want to “pitch” to my colleagues and I don’t want to fail them – too emotionally attached to their success. I can also be okay with coaching them once I’m a more experienced coach. It is just bothering me because I’m making it mean that I’m not strong enough to go for my original passion of coaching my people.