Niche Drama

I am having some mind drama around my niche and, while I am aware it is my thoughts, I just want to run this by someone with experience.

I am a nurse and one of the things I consider my specialty is insulin resistance and weight loss. However, I don’t have a weight loss story, but I do have insulin resistance like so many others.

My story, and transformation, is related to relationship with self and others. I was considering a niche of successful women over 50 who want to date again.

Here is my drama, I am not dating. I have chosen not to date right now due to working, getting certified, and trying to start a business. Also, I had 2 women contact me about weight loss.

So my brain is telling me that I could start with weight loss for women over 50 who may be insulin resistant and then once that is going well I could offer the dating for some of the women after they have been through the weight loss program.

I have never really “loved” weight loss, but I listened to a business call this morning and I am wondering if I need to learn to love where I am, weight loss, and then if I still want to pivot I can.

C: Weight loss or Relationship Niche
T: I believe either will work
F: confused
A: I keep spinning and I do not make a decision
R: Neither works because I have not made a decision

C: weight loss
T: I have experience here
F: neutral
A: spin out on thoughts that I don’t enjoy weight loss programs, create drama in my mind, stay in the cave
R: I don’t use my experience to help women

C: Relationship and dating
T: I am not dating myself
F: Fraud
A: mind drama, I don’t do anything, buffer
R: I don’t honor the experience and transformation I have

Thank you for your feedback.