Niche Feedback

Hi! I am seeking feedback on my Niche Worksheet. Are there places I can tighten this?

1. BROAD CATEGORY: Relationships (with self, students, colleagues, families, admin)

2. SUBMARKET OF LARGER MARKET? Overwhelmed, exhausted and stuck female veteran elementary school teachers

Overwhelmed with teaching
How can I love teaching again?
Alternative careers for veteran teachers?
Why do good teachers quit?
How to fall back in love again with teaching?
How do teachers reduce stress?
What else can I do so close to teacher retirement?
Is it time to retire?
How to not be so exhausted?
Cures for exhaustion and overwhelm
Too soon to retire from teaching?
Stuck in my teaching career

4. COMPELLING SOLUTION? I coach female veteran elementary school teachers who are passionate about education. The problem is she feels overwhelmed, exhausted, and stuck. Together I will help her discover, understand, and release the beliefs that have led her to this place. With renewed focus, energy, and confidence, she can fall in love with her work once again.