Niche Feedback

My niche is:
I want to work with women who
-Are chronic yo-yo dieters.
-Overeat/binge eat and then restrict food again,
-Keep gaining and losing the same 2-40lbs.
-Think about food all the time,
-Feel out of control about their eating,
-Are exhausted from the diet/overeating cycle.
I want to help them to end the overeat/binge cycle, to gain back control over their eating, to feel free from thinking about food all the time and to lose any excess weight (or stop gaining).
I am not sure whether I should market myself as a ‘Weight loss coach’ or a ‘Overcoming Overeating Coach’. I don’t like the term ‘Weight Loss coach’ as much, because it is so focused on the result of weight loss, rather than on the cause, which is mostly our thoughts and not being able to manage emotions (together with poor diet choices, hormones, etc).
If I choose “Overcoming Overeating” Coach, it might not appeal to potential clients as much though. I need to meet the client where they are, and if that’s focused on the weight loss, then ‘Weight Loss Coach’ may be better.
Any advice which term is better to focus on in my marketing?