Niche Feedback #2 <3 CWD

Hi! I’m writing in follow-up to previous message with similar title as this one. I am feeling a bit stuck with my niche. You said to make sure I have reviewed the Niche worksheet. I have reviewed it so many times and explored three different areas I could select as a niche. I’ve also read the first three sections of Expert Secrets and spent a lot of time thinking / journaling around this. And have posted at least 5 times trying to get clear on my niche. I feel stuck and stopped.

Here’s what I think my problem is: I am my niche, and I haven’t solved any of the areas I’d like to focus on to the extent I’d like to solve them. I feel like some of these questions about niche I can’t really answer until I’ve solved it for myself. What I really want is to be able to have something that is clear enough for me to move forward with setting up a website / blog and sharing what I am doing to solve it for myself – to start creating a following while I am in the certification phase after training in a couple of weeks. I’m feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place. I need to figure out my niche for business and for blog posts and such, but feel like what I want to do is something I need to solve for myself…but then feel like I can’t share what I’m solving for myself unless I’ve got the niche cause it’s recommended to build your website around that. Could you provide some insight here? Is it necessary to be as clear on the niche and problem and solution when it’s something you are solving for yourself and you feel like you need to go deep in yourself and solve it for yourself to really be clear on the niche/problem/solution? Or can I just move forward from where I am and figure it out / get more clear as I go? What do you recommend?

Thanks much. <3