Niche Feedback #2 | DMWC

Thank you for your feedback! I changed the wording a little to this: “Helping people-pleasing, perfectionist SAHMs create more structure in their day so they can enjoy family, pursue passions, & get things done – stress-free.” I agree the introverted part isn’t necessary – that was more something I was trying to use to narrow them down – as they identify as “just a stay-at-home mom” – and I haven’t been sure whether I want to put people pleasing and perfectionist in the description – but those are two things they would identify with. Any thoughts the new wording?

For questions: What makes me stand out from the crowd? I do picture it as being my own personal journey of doing this myself. I’m not where I used to be but still have a lot of work to do. I want to help the people a chapter or two behind me. 🙂

What will you offer to your clients so that when they read what you offer that makes them say, “yes, that’s me. I want this solution.”? I am going to think on this more. This is where my self coaching has to come in a lot because I have in the past had a lot of belief systems around “Why would anyone want to pick me over someone else?” Stories around unworthiness / not being “good enough” that I have been working on. I think maybe the answer is partially in my new wording? What I am offering is to help them create structure in their day / week in a way they haven’t yet tried (by focusing on changing thinking instead of trying to willpower through actions that they always end up quitting on) – they very much identify with lacking structure and while they are really good with doing high quality work (like say, deep cleaning), they really struggle with routine and building lasting habits. And nothing they read or try helps with this. They just see themselves repeating the same patterns over and over and over again. They are very interested in the idea of approaching this from change in mindset and want to learn more about that and how to do it.

Any additional thoughts or words of wisdom given this information? Thank you so very much in advance and for helping me figure this out!! I really appreciate it!