Niche Feedback <3 CWD

Hi! Could you provide feedback on what I have defined for my niche / problem / solution?

Niche: Married SAHMs, with young children at home, who identify as perfectionists, people pleasers, and night owls, and who want to stop staying up too late. They want to establish better sleep habits and supporting routines, and they ultimately want to like who they are BEING throughout their day. (Broad category of health, with subcategory of relationship with self built into this)

Problem: Staying up too late. This is a problem for them primarily because they have young children at home – a certain time they need to be up in the morning. The love staying up at night – they love knowing that things are done as good as they like them done so they can “sleep better” and also just relaxing in the evening. They have a habit of thinking that sleep is something that can be sacrificed and they will be fine and make it through the next day. That they can push through. But then they pay for it the next day, and their net negative consequence. They don’t feel as rested and as energized as they’d like to feel to be the kind of mom they want to be for their children. Their perfectionist and people pleasing tendencies contribute to them staying up too late, also. They are lacking routine and structure and supporting habits in their day and have difficulty sticking to what they plan for their day. All of the thoughts here contribute to the habit of staying up too late. They feel out of control and tired and like they just have to get through the day. They tell themselves they will go to bed early that night, but the cycle just keeps repeating itself and the madness continues. They are strongly motivated by wanting to be a better mom for their kids. They want to be a healthy role model. And this includes being an example of good sleep habits.

Solution: I teach them how to remove the desire to stay up late, how to set priorities and say “no” to things they don’t really want / need to do, and how to build structure into their day that supports them in creating whatever it is that they want to create in their life…without feeling sleep deprived. 🙂 I help them get to bed when they want to go to bed, get plenty of rest, and be able to be up and ready for the day before their kids are up – feeling great and ready to go!