Niche Feedback #3 | DMWC

Thank you so much for your response to my previous post! The dream come true for my person is that she has a happy family. She is able to communicate well with her husband, her needs are met, and she feels a sense of partnership in raising kids. She wants to feel loved, appreciated, and connected. One of the biggest motivators for her in wanting to improve her marriage is because of her kids. Problems she has with kids in the picture existed before she had kids in the picture, but having kids in the picture is what makes it so much more compelling for her to want to improve her marriage – because she wants to give her children the stability of a mom and dad who get along well and have a good relationship. She wants to give her kids a model of what a healthy relationship looks like. It wasn’t enough for her before to improve the marriage just for herself. She struggles with doing things just for herself. Her kids are the compelling reason. She would love to be in the place where she gets butterflies every time her husband walks into the room – that’s how she pictures “true love.” But she’s never actually been in that place, not really, even when they were dating. She loves her husband but hasn’t ever felt “that kind of love.”

I want to help her create an awesome marriage without changing her husband while living out her own dreams as well. I want to teach her how to communicate and help her redefine what a healthy relationship looks like and teach her how her needs can be met and how she can communicate in a way she feels good about. I want to show her how much power she has in the relationship and give her the gift of becoming a leader in the home and in her life and taking charge to create what she really wants. I’m still doing work on how to narrow this down / simplify into what exactly is the problem I’m solving. It’s like I know what it is but am still working on finding the words and clarifying for my and her sake. Any thoughts on this are welcome. 🙂

In my last post, you advised, “Since you are helping with the relationship between the mom and her husband, focus more on how you solve the problems there.” My question is this: If the mom’s compelling reason relates heavily to her desires for her children, is it a good idea to include something around that in my niche description, even though the ultimate focus is on the marriage and helping the mom improve the marriage without having to change her husband? Thanks much.