Niche feedback

Of course, I know an awesome step is to test it out, but just wanted to check for any feedback as I start out! 🙂

I am a weight loss coach who works with Christian women who feel uncomfortable in their bodies and obsessive/compulsive around food. By teaching them how to heal their relationships with their body and food (via thought work/model/belief plans/etc), I help them claim freedom in Christ, learn to love others deeper (because they love themselves more), and show up more authentically in their relationships with friends, family and Jesus (by leaving behind insecurity, self consciousness and doubt).

These are more minor factors, but I envision them as women under 50, who have less than 50 pounds to lose. They are most likely Protestant (versus Catholic or Orthodox) but I am comfortable coaching members of any of the 3 mainstream Christian branches.

I feel pretty good about this! I know how to talk to these people and I love that it is more about healing relationships since weight loss (if desired) will follow. This also ties in nicely with the Christian belief that faith comes first and with genuine faith, action follows. Likewise in coaching, belief and thoughts come first and actions and results follow.