Niche feedback

Hi Coaches, I started to work on my coach business niche. Here are my answers I would like to share with you. Thank you for your feedback!
I feel I would be at my best in my business if I target to coach people who are going through the same problems I faced when I started to be coached. My thoughts are: If I have been through it and succeeded, I can help others. Am I on the right track on that?

Work is the first area where I was able to turn around my mind and get the results I wanted.
My results:
Developed a better relationship with myself and others to succeed at work in a fast paced moving environment
Improved incredibly well my relationship with my boss who told me twice he didn’t want me to stay in his team
The second area is my weight:
My result: I lost 14 pounds in 3 months and today I am stabilizing. I am 8 pounds away from my goal.

Me and business niche: Female manager or director in a CPG company who has kids. Is it specified enough? I wonder if CPG is really mandatory or not because other corporate jobs would work too.
> I teach my clients to see clearer about what they want, who they want to become and how they can live their life without being affected and taking the control back of their feelings

What exactly would someone Google to find you?
How to reduce stress?
How to concile personal and working life?
How to stay motivated at work?
How to stop/to overcome anxiety?
Am I having a burnout?
How to stop/to overcome being scared?
How to become confident?
How to find what I want for my life?
How to find the right balance between personal and working life?
How do I know if I am happy?