Niche Feedback | DMWC


I would love some 3rd party feedback on niche. I’m feeling like I have niche well defined on a very detailed level (like 3 pages, lol), and am working to compact it down to one sentence. I have done the niche worksheet (several times with different ideas) and have read the first section of Expert Secrets.

Here’s what I’ve come up so far with for my tagline:

I help highly intelligent, introverted SAHMs overcome stress & overwhelm so they can truly relax & enjoy time w/ family – and still get things done.

Seem narrow / clear who I’m talking to from a 3rd party perspective?? Broad category is relationship with time.

Details I’ve left out here: these moms have young kids at home and a husband who works longer hours and also works late a few times a week. They are stressed primarily over all things related to running a home / being a mom – being present / involved enough with kids, keeping house clean, building routines that last, meals, etc. Basically they are trying to do everything themselves and be supermom. The question they constantly ask themselves is “How can I fit it all in?” And they are constantly changing circumstances trying to do so – but are never able to fit it all in, are easily stressed by “one more thing to do” and “don’t have the time” and relationships in their life suffer. They feel like there is always work to be done and no time for rest / relaxation. Sleep is easily sacrificed. When they are doing things that look like rest / relaxation (i.e., spending time with family, doing something they might otherwise enjoy), their mind is spinning about the things they should be doing.

Current thought – I need to fit it all in. Solution I help them get to – I keep my life as simple as humanly possible. End result – I don’t fit it all in and I don’t care to.

In their after model, they are able to be the primary care provider AND follow their passions AND get things done all without the stress and overwhelm – they feel more present and engaged and get more emotionally out of everything they do.

My solution? I teach them how their mind works. I teach them how to identify the cause of their stress / overwhelm – and how to overcome that (with the model). I teach them how to change their thinking around the things they have to do – so they can get more done, feel more organized / efficient / productive. I give them tools that help them identify and align with their priorities, create more structure in the way they run their lives, and put more intention into their day. I help them value rest and relaxation and eliminate all the mind chatter that prevents them from being able to truly rest and relax. I help them transform their relationship with time.

Do you have any insights / words of wisdom to help me make sure my niche is very clear and narrow / well-defined?

Thanks in advance!