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I would love your feedback on my initial thoughts regarding my niche for my future coaching business. I am going to Coach Training this fall (Yay!!) and am working to start a blog / social media following now and start really finding my voice as advised. Also really committed to my own SCS work right now. <3

The area I would like to focus in on is Relationships. Specifically stay-at-home moms with young kids at home who want to improve their marital relationship. They feel unfilled and alone in their marriage and attribute that to their husband not doing “his part.” They are familiar with traditional marriage advice, like “The 5 Love Languages” and “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus,” but feel totally stuck with all of the advice offered there because their husband is completely uninterested in changing or working as a “team” to better meet each others needs and ultimately improve the marriage / make it stronger. These women feel lost in how to improve their marriage by themselves bur feel they must find a way. The primary motivation is their kids – they want to be healthy role models for their kids and part of that is having a healthy marriage. They want to be able to model good communication skills and leadership behaviors to their children and give them a great example of what a healthy partnership looks like in a marriage, because they believe that example is the best thing they can give their kids. They don’t want to be resenting their husband or wishing he was doing more than he is. They want to feel happy in their marriage. And they want their home to be a safe, loving, connected environment for their children. But a huge part of the problem is that they don’t yet know how to create that, and they feel disconnected in creating that without that feeling of working on it together as a couple. They feel stuck.

To further narrow the niche, I would like to work with women who are night owls but very interested in becoming morning people, perhaps mostly out of a sense of necessity (like doing so will enable them to achieve their goals much easier and quicker, but staying up late is an addiction and huge setback for them) and who want to do something more in the world to contribute. Family is most important, but it’s not enough to stop there. Growth and contribution is hugely important to them, and they want to be an example to their kids of how to live a thriving life. These women also struggle with feeling like they are enough and with being decisive and feeling ok just doing something for themselves, like their voice alone is not enough, and they want to value their own voice more and be more connected to themselves, in large part so they can teach / model that to their kids. (Though they probably wouldn’t phrase it this way at this point in their journey). They want to feel like they are living their lives with more purpose and intention, following their own heart and soul purpose, and not just following along with whatever someone else says. The idea of being a leader scares them to death, but that is ultimately what they want and need, they may just not realize that yet. They feel like they are not living up to their potential.

My solution is to teach them how to improve their relationship by increasing awareness around the way they think about their marriage and helping them consciously choose how they want to think about it, and by focusing on them instead of their husband. I want to teach them about the manual, how to view marriage in the terms of letting the person be who they are and just loving them, how to process emotion, how to set proper boundaries, and ultimately how to take control of their lives and the results they want to create a become a leader in their own lives. When they come out of the other side of this, these women feel empowered and free and capable. They experience so much more love, for themselves and for their husband. They let go of that need to control or change their husband for the sake of how they want to feel. And they are so much more connected to themselves and show up in such a way that they have their own back. They take care of business and get it all done.

These women feel the problem is all on their husband but don’t realize how much they are contributing to the problem, and need some awareness around the necessity of bringing the focus back to them – on focusing so much more on changing themselves to change their marriage and so much less on changing their husband. Their initial response may be “What?! This is not my fault!!” But they want this so bad they are willing to consider a different perspective. And ultimately, they are so much better off because of their “husband’s unwillingness to change,” because they would have never gained they personal power they gain through this process had their husband been willing to do whatever they wanted to make them feel happy and loved.

As far as what they would Google. I am thinking things like “How can I get my husband to love me?” “What to do when your husband doesn’t want to work on your marriage” “How to be happy in marriage” and “What to do when you don’t feel loved / appreciated / valued”

I know I have some work to do on simplifying this and boiling it down, but am trying to get really clear on who I am serving. (And yes, it is a past version of myself.) I would love your thoughts on this as a niche and as a problem to solve.

Thank you very much!!!!