Niche feedback for soon-to-be coach Part 2

I’m still working on my niche and would love additional feedback. Here’s my original question and answer:

Original question: I wanted to get a coach’s opinion on my niche. I’m enrolled for coach training in March, and have had a blog for a year. I’m ready to get it cleaned up and re-positioned to attract my ideal client. I’ve gone through the niche worksheet and have been working on my help statement. Here’s what I’ve come up with: “I help ambitious women age 25-35 who feel stuck and unfulfilled in their financial planning careers confidently decide what to do next.” Is this narrow, clear, and ready to test? Thank you in advance!

Original Answer: The best way to know if a niche will work is to test it…using the criteria you have now, would you be able to find your clients? How would you find them; how would they find you? If you don’t have a good idea of exactly what problem they’re having and what they’re Googling to look for help, you’ll have a problem reaching them with your marketing. Exactly why are they feeling stuck and unfulfilled? What are they looking for? Why are YOU their solution? Dig a little deeper and get to know your ideal client here. Have some fun with it. And be super-specific. 🙂

I’ve have additional detail about my ideal client avatar:
My ideal client avatar is a 28 year old woman who’s miserable in her job as a financial planner. She’s stuck and unfulfilled because she spent years in college, a year to become a CFP, and a few years at her current firm, but doesn’t find it fulfilling. She doesn’t like her boss and doesn’t like what she does all day. She’s held to a very high standard of perfection because of her line of work, and the pressure feels heavy. When she makes a mistake, she never hears the end of it from her boss. She dreads going to work and lives for the weekend. She rushes out the door at 5pm on the dot every day, dying to get out of the office. She feels underpaid and under-appreciated. She doesn’t feel like she has any time for herself because her job is taking all her energy and time. She comes home in a bad mood and wakes up in a bad mood. She’s stopped setting goals for herself and doesn’t look forward to the future anymore. She’s so miserable she’s considered getting therapy. She doesn’t think there’s anything to look forward to. She’s buffering with food and alcohol, anything to escape thoughts about work. She’s thinking happiness and fulfillment must be in another job or another career somewhere else. That’s what she’s looking for. She doesn’t know if she should change jobs because she’s already spent so much time in her current job and has fears of starting over. So she continues to feel stuck and unfulfilled.

She googles things like “how to deal with a bad boss”, “how to handle a quarter life crisis”, “how to de-stress after work”, “how to know when it’s time to change jobs”, and “how to feel better”.

As a coach, I can help her see that happiness is never “over there.” I can teach her that happiness and fulfillment are feelings she creates. Her job’s job isn’t to fulfill her. I can help bring perspective to her thoughts and show her the magic of thought work. I can help her feel better.

I’m the solution to her problems because I was this woman, and I would have done anything to relieve that pain. I know her every thought and feeling. I understand her better than she understands herself. I understand her pain better than anyone else. As a coach, I know I can help her see how much suffering she’s causing herself.

Am I on the right track? I intend to do some research in Facebook groups to get more feedback from others who may fit this description.