Niche feedback & naming advice?

Hi coaches, I am struggling to choose a name for new endeavor and I’m wondering if it might be because my niche is not tight enough or my solution well defined enough.

My intended niche is teachers who are currently working outside of the home (so NOT homeschooling people) who are also mothers with children of their own still in school. I’m thinking of online community and courses around organizing/decluttering/systems (putting things on autopilot) with the idea to eventually perhaps offer coaching to the same niche if I decide to become trained as a coach with the LCS. But I don’t want to wait for that so I want to get started with solutions I can offer now.

Some names I’m considering are:
Teacher Mama Village
Full Time Teacher Mamas
Mindset for Teacher Moms
Teacher Mom Lifestyle
among others

What advice do you have regarding this niche and a potential name?