Niche feedback – round 2 (CM)

Thanks for your feedback on my last post. This is my round two version, and it feels much better. Thoughts?

1- You are a mother.
2- You live in the United States (this is purely selfish – time zones for zoom calls and I want to travel the US in an RV).
3 – You walked away from a career to stay home with your child(ren)
4 – You have the same partner by your side that was with you when you began your parenting journey.
5 – Your historic thoughts about the summer being over, “While it will be nice to be back in a routine, I am going to miss having my children around.”
6 – Your Child(ren) are now high school/college-age – and the term empty nest is creeping into your vocabulary.
7 – You have no idea how you will fill your time moving forward.