Niche feedback – specific enough? (CM)


1- Mothers
2 – Married 15+ years (same partner as start of motherhood journey)
3 – Last full-time job was before their first child could walk.
4- Freaking out about the empty nest that is ahead of them

I’m debating on going down another level about what specifically they are freaking out about, however, I know (b/c this is/was me), the freaking out is about different things depending on the day (relationship with spouse, how to fill time, do I want to go back to work, I’m going to miss my child, etc…. and these are all fantastic podcast ideas for me under the umbrella of the “freaking out about the empty nest”).

Niche Solution – I’m still working it out – I have a few lines but I know they still need work. 🙂

Thanks, team! Have a superb day.