Niche feedback – teaching coaches how to have their first $100K year

I’d love to get feedback on my niche!

1. Category: Wealth

2. Submarkets: 1) coaches, 2) who are trained/certified/have experience working with clients, 3) currently have a 1-on-1 practice, 4) Their problem: they aren’t making as much money as they’d like to be

3. Google searches:
“How to make $100K as a life coach”
“How to make 6 figures as a life coach”
“How to make more money as a life coach”

4. My solution: Teach them how to have their first $100K year and build a sustainable, thriving business *without* spending money on advertising or driving themselves into the ground trying to do allll the things to grow their business

Why it’s compelling: It doesn’t require the perfect branding, website, Instagram feed, etc .that they think it does — it’s a simple, effective, sustainable approach that allows them to spend more time and energy doing the work they love most (coaching!). They already know how to coach, but have no idea how to turn it into a profitable, 6-figure business (and know that they need support in order to do so). That’s where I come in 🙂

I do a lot of in-person networking too. Do you think it’s worth broadening my niche for in-person events to include “coaches and consultants,” or should I stick with my same, more specific niche across the board?

Lastly, do you think it’s worth including newly trained/certified coaches in my niche, or narrowing down to only target coaches who have already had some clients?

Thank you!