Niche Fix Please!

I’d love feedback on my coaching niche!
Right now I’m offering Life Coaching for Restless Moms. (My original idea was to offer it for Global Citizens. For folks for whom 1. travel is a part of their job and are dealing with stress, loneliness, lack of connection and 2. Folks who have a nomadic soul but are locked to one place because of job, family- and are dealing with restlessness, lack of satisfaction, resentment, lack of purpose, etc).

I narrowed it because my perfect client would be a restless mom and I know a good deal of them (and was one!).
I personally appreciate the element of travel and being global but couldn’t figure out a way to convey that in my niche.
I’m questioning whether it’s too narrow though? Would Life Coaching for the Restless be narrow enough?

Would love your thoughts on this.
Thank you!