Niche for 2019

I am considering doing a membership site for money coaching targeting new parents where the mom has recently decided to stay at home to care for the child. Here is my worksheet:
1) Wealth
2) Money coaching for new mom who has recently quit her corporate job to care for child
3) They would google a lot of things but here’s what I have so far: “How to manage on one income?” “Money advice for new parents” “Budget tips” “How to talk about money with my husband” “Earn money on the side” – (I think this woman has a lot of stress because of the change so I don’t think it’s just one topic that she wants to figure out; but if I had to pick, I think it’s mainly the first one on feeling anxiety because she just had a kid, has decided not to work for a while and is feeling some anxiety about that decision.
4) I teach you how to reduce financial stress and manage your family’s household with confidence.

I’d love to make this a membership site similar to Scholars where people get live coaching once a week, a teaching webinar once a month and an ASK section. This would allow me to charge a lower price point and try to get more people (as opposed to a higher price and less people) in order to reach my revenue goal.

Any insights about my niche or plan moving forward? I’m ready to take massive action and would love another opinion on whether my niche seems honed in enough and if the business model structure seems viable.