Niche For Corporate Leadership Transition

I am identifying my niche. Is this specific enough?

” I help Christian women transitioning from full-time corporate leadership positions, master the feelings of lack of time, energy and knowledge needed to launch, manage and multiply their personal ministries or businesses.”

The unspoken reason I selected this niche is because the more wealthy Christians we have in business or ministry, the greater the ability to spread the word of God. Also, the more financially successful Christian women are, the greater financial contribution they can make to the ministries they love. In summary, the greater the influence the greater the impact.

Finally, this niche perfectly describes me. I am a woman from a corporate position. I left it to pursue my personal ministry/ business. I felt completely overwhelmed to manage it all. Once I obtained a coach, I received the support to address all my brain work. Now I want to diminish the suffering other women may feel.

This unspoken portion can become part of what I discuss later to further identify my niche.