Niche for Women’s Weightloss

I’ve been listening to the 100K Mastermind and it’s mind blowingly awesome.

I am discovering my niche is women who want to lose 20 pounds. I am having a hard-ish time determining the KIND of woman.

I am a former yoga and meditation instructor that lost weight after I realized what I thought was healthy was causing me to gain weight. I didn’t know things like juicing, starchy gluten free substitutes, and lots of fruit could be actually detrimental to my body, causing things like weight gain/cravings/low energy. When I started intermittent fasting and stopped the above I dropped 20 pounds in weeks.

I want to help women who think they’re eating “healthy” and aren’t able to lose weight or be thin. I feel like that is not specific enough.

My current clients are both professionals and stay at home moms. I enjoy serving them both. I guess I just don’t know how to get more specific and I feel like I should because without it my offer isn’t going to be compelling enough.

I teach busy women (?) who eat healthy how to lose stubborn weight? I get that I could choose to be excited about it, but I’m choosing to think it’s not compelling enough.

I teach healthy women how to shed stubborn weight?

I think it needs to be more specific. Do you think it needs to be?