Niche – from women feeling and being their best… to teens w anxiety and family trauma

Ok, please bear with me – Im going to lay it all out if that is ok…. sorry that it is so long, but feel the background might be helpful.

I quit corp job back when 2nd daughter was born 20 years ago to be stay at home mom. Fell in love with working out and helping other women feel good and work out, so became, Personal Trainer, Yoga, pilates, kb, etc…whatever, and have been helping women feel good without crazy workout plans, etc for 20 years. My daughter had crippling anxiety in middle school, didn’t finish 8th grade – couldn’t leave the house… therapy, drugs, etc… nothing worked, we finally found a boarding school 500 miles away that would allow her to take summer classes and she was able to go and did well, emotionally. So she went there for another 2 school years. Still dealt with anxiety, but learned how to handle it and is now (always was) a total rock star (She now is a sophomore in college and doing wonderfully).

What she and our family went through back then was 1 reason why I learned coaching – specifically transformational coaching with NLP. The other was to help my clients (and me) to get over themselves with their bodies and eating and following every fad diet out there. (I struggled with low self-esteem, disordered eating, etc. too). Also, because of my daughter, I really couldn’t keep my numbers up in the gym and wanted to have something i could do over the phone. So, I have been in business for 3 1/2 years (if you call it that) and have been in scholars for over a year. I love the Model, everything about SCS and what you do.

With my background with helping women, with training, with yoga and yoga philosophy, with transformational coaching , nutrition coaching, etc…and the fact that I really love coaching and totally see myself making money, being free to make my schedule while traveling, etc.. you would think i would have tons of clients. I have not had a PAYING coaching client for about 1 1/2 years – until this week.
(OMG – as I am typing this I am swept with a feeling of shame)
c – no clients
t – how can i say Im in business w no clients
f – shame
a- well, I am still typing this asking for help
r – hit submit

my niche is women around 50 who are tired of the drama of dieting and hating on their body and want to start living a free-er life. Since April/May, I have really doubled up my work and have run ads for 4 different lead magnets-with different focuses:
1.sugar separation – 7 day free trail separation emails with videos, audio, worksheets,
2.more energy (with sugar as reason) – 6 minute video
3.Secrets of Body transformation -weight loss 13 page guide
4.Get ready to find your dreams – transformational – 3 page guide Free Yourself from whats holding you back…
spent about $250 and around 30 leads so far. Not one booked mini session out of about 30 leads… that is with the call to action in the video, or guide, or emails, whatever i used for the freebie… and me following up with calling, emailing, etc… CRICKETS

Now, Im even more frustrated.

So, I have also coached (pro-bono) family and friends teenage daughters around anxiety. I was referred to a mother with a 15 yrs old son last week, had a discovery session and they are now clients. Boom. I made a special program for him with some extra sessions for his mom privately. I have already helped them immensely. And, it feels so good to be coaching and really helping people.

Should I change my niche, change my messaging, run some ads, get out there in this area? I can help any potential client. i am a total geek when learning about the brain and coaching, learning continuously and am using on myself, but want to use what i learn on paying clients too. Where are my clients that I’m going to help so wonderfully? haha
I’ve learned so much about business, web pages, marketing in the past 3 years, but I don’t seem to be attracting.

So much info, I know. I appreciate any insight. Thank you so much in advance…